Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts on I-40

I'm on I-40 this week. Driving. Little boys in the back seat. On my way to get Grant from school.
And I have a revelation.

I was thinking on scripture. Muttering the Word. Nothing specific, just anything I could think of, really. And 1 Corinthians 13:8 comes to mind.

Love never fails.

Familiar as the day is long. This verse is read time and again in marriage ceremonies, engraved in wedding rings, typed in love letters, plastered on bumper stickers, painted on wall hangings...I bet some people even have tattoos that read...Love never fails.

I said it over and over. Love never fails. Love never fails. Love never fails. And it starts to register....Wow...Love never fails!

An elementary truth, yes. But something clicked in my heart that day on I-40. I can never go wrong with love.

Fails (πίπτω piptō) as used here means the sense of losing its authority or ceasing to have force.

Love is a force, is it not? And it is powerful.

Love will never lose its authority. Ever.

Love was Christ's motivation for me. For you. Look what it drove Him to do.

Love hung Him on a Cross.


Oh, Lord forgive me for not loving well. I am thinking of several areas of my life, right now, where I need to LOVE well. To LOVE deeply. To LOVE like you LOVE me. Let love be my motivation today. Let LOVE be the force that does not cease today. And everyday. Grow me here, Lord.

I'd love to hear any random thoughts you have today. Love to you all...

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  1. Good Stuff! Thanks! Hope your weekend is fabulous! WOW!

  2. I love having little revelation moments like that. I'm glad you were blessed by that verse.

  3. Just today, I prayed and asked God to help me love my husband better. He was in a bad mood this morning and I wanted him to be able to come home This was such the confirmation!

  4. I love when God shows a deeper truth in a verse that is so "well-known"! Good stuff!


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