Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31 Days of Prayer: A Servant's Heart (And The Winner Is...)

"God, please help my children develop a servant's heart, that they would serve wholeheartedly, as if serving the Lord and not men. "

"God, please help ME operate with a servant's heart. Let me serve my family, my friends, my church, everyone I encounter, let me serve them as if serving YOU."

Even as I typed this post, I was interrupted three or four times. "Mom, will you get my blanket? Mom, I'm hungry, I want cereal. Mom, Mom, Mom."

I wanted to say, "Guys!! Mommy wants a quiet time. Leave me alone!!" But then I remembered my own prayer. Umm. Hello Becky. Be a doer of the Word.

Every cup of milk poured, each toy picked up, every pair of boxers you fold, every time you clean the counter top, wipe a bottom or toast a waffle .... this too is for the Glory of God. We have such sweet opportunities to serve Him (wholeheartedly) in many ways today.

Lord, let me be mindful of this Biblical Truth.

Giveaway Winner!
Congrats to "DM" (a.k.a. Debra) for winning Mercy Me's CD "Generous Mr. Lovewell!!! I pray it blesses you so! Thanks to ALL of you for participating and sharing your heart.

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  1. Good reminder, Becky! My sweet boy is such a servant (which is one definition for his name ~ cool, huh?), but I sometimes have an attitude about it! I try to remind myself of Col 3:23 & serve as unto the Lord!


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