Friday, May 18, 2012

Today, You Choose

It's "Five Minute Fridays" over at where she gives the topic and you write...five minutes flat, no looking second guessing.  Just a raw peek into our first thoughts.  {This is so much fun for me!}
Today, we write on:  Perspective.
Hmm.  OK.  Five minutes....

Today, You Choose

God gave his people a choice.
Today, you choose... Life. Or death.
Choose life, He said. - Duet. 30:19
It is a moment to moment decision we make.  In every circumstance.

I can view hardship as a plague or I can view it as a gift.

My perspective of brokenness can make or break me.  Not the brokenness itself.

God has given us the mind of Christ.  His perspective.  If we so choose it.

Today, I want his lens.  To see the beauty blooming from the storm.  To see the light shine through the cloud.

His mind on the matter.  Not mine.


I'm not talking rose-colored glasses.  But blood-stained ones.  To see myself through the perspective of my stricken Savior, who thought of me enough to die.

His perspective led Him to the cross.

To set this captive free.

Today, choose life.

For He gave it so freely.



  1. Hi Becky! I linked up after you :-) Thanks so much for sharing this perspective that we so often forget! "I'm not talking rose-colored glasses. But blood-stained ones" - I love that! cos it's so true - everything falls into its correct place when seen through his eyes. This is something I'm earnestly trying to remember everyday!

    p.s. I love your blog design/colours/header! Very creative xx

  2. I'm not talking rose-colored glasses. But blood stained ones.

    I love that! So true!

  3. Mmm... love this becky!! :) :) Was this the Spirit in you writing for me? ;) Thanks.
    love you!!

  4. "To see the beauty blooming from the storm." Yes, yes! And the "blood stained" glasses instead of "rose-colored", because if He could endure the cross for such a sinner as I...there is ALWAYS beauty, no matter what the day brings. Thank you for these beautiful words.

  5. I like it and a good reminder for me! Great post girl! Been thinking about you, we need to talk. Love you.


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