Friday, June 8, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten This Advice

It's Five Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama.  The topic today... Expectations.

Five minutes set on the clock....Go.

I Haven't Forgotten This Advice...

Expectations can eat up a marriage.

Seriously, they burn me every time.

I will never ever forget in premarital counseling...our friend and mentor, Jason, said, "Beware of placing expectations on each other."

At that he held up his arms.  Parallel to the floor.  One arm on top of the other.  He raised his top arm up as if to say "cut" at the filming of a show.

"The greater your expectation, the greater your disappointment.  Especially if they go unvoiced."

In ten years, I have told that story 100 times.  And thought of it 1,000.

Expectations can eat up a marriage.

However, when I stop placing expectations on Brent, or just people in general, I am free to love.  And enjoy.

And love them some more.

My expectations are nothing more than the demands of my heart, placed on another human being.

That's not fair.

There is only One.  Jesus.  He is my expectation.

I can expect everything from God.

He will not disappoint.



  1. Yes!

    Those unvoiced thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams are marriage-killers.

  2. Love this-- what a great twist on the expectation thought. (I love FMF. So creative. So diverse.) I have learned very quickly in my marriage that my beloved husband is not expected to be my all-in-all-- but Jesus is! After all, my sweet husband is just like me-- a fallen sinner. But a sinner I love deeply thanks to the grace of Jesus.

    Appreciate these words. God bless!

  3. "My expectations are nothing more than the demands of my heart, placed on another human being."

    Great insight! Never quite thought about expectations in that way.

    Thanks so much for sharing! So glad I came over from Lisa-Jo's place.

  4. So true! Jesus is the only One who will not disappoint!

  5. you got great advice...yes...expectations are placing demands on another...and always disappoints...we are tracking together on this today...blessings~


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