Monday, January 16, 2012

Jesus, Tell Me How To Rest.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Do you know what to do with this verse?

Seriously. Jesus is offering us to come and find rest in Him. Do we know how to rest anymore?

I don't know about you but rest makes me feel LAZY. Here's an equation...

Becky + Resting = Something isn't getting done

The Type A++ in me rebels against rest.

All this springs up in me from a long night's sleep. I rarely get a great night's sleep. But this morning I woke very refreshed and, well, rested.

Pouring my coffee, I could hear Jesus plea in Matthew 11:28. His Word quietly speaking to my soul.

Come to me....and I will give you rest.

But how, Jesus? Does that mean sleeping? Does that me slowing down? Does that mean changing nothing - only my focus?

Do you know how to respond to Jesus' invitation? Come to me. I will give you rest.

Ponder that this morning. Give me your thoughts.

We'll look deeper next time.


  1. REST!!!

    R= rely on God
    E= Eternity with my saviour
    S= Satisfaction in Jesus
    T= the throne (when I am on my knees before God I fill more rest than ever when I rise to my feet!

    Becky your are such a sweet blessing. The first day I met you I could see Jesus in your eyes and face. I continue to see it each time I see you and in your sweet boy Luke. Hope you know God is using you to share his peace, rest, and Joy!


  2. This verse means to me that I need to focus my eyes upon Him alone. Not the world, not the hardship in my life, not the struggle with other people...HIM.


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